Parent Registration Email

Published by Mike Linde
Jan 08, 2020

We are opening up the 2020 Winterset Little League registration.  The deadline to register is Sunday, February 16th.  We had a great season last year with one of our largest turnouts!!  If you no longer have a son/daughter involved in little league, please disregard this message.
Along with the registration, we are also looking for additional board members.  If interested, please talk to one of the current board members.
There is some exciting news, we are also hoping the weather cooperates as we are planning on some major field renovations this spring.  The Parks and Recs Department and the WLL are working together to improve our field conditions to make our complex even better!  We will share more info as we get closer.
Each year we strive to give the kids a great experience in softball and baseball while having some fun!!  We are proud to boast that we have one of the best Little League Complexes outside of the Des Moines area. The Winterset Little League, with the assistance of the Winterset Parks and Recs, strive to make Little League a positive and enjoyable experience while providing the best facilities.

We will again be utilizing the online registration this year.  To register, please go to  We are asking that you pay online if possible.  In the event that that is not possible, please contact a WLL Board Member.  There is an online registration link on the right side of the front page .  Please do not hesitate to contact one of the WLL Board Members with questions.  Please note that there  are 4 different programs to register for: Minor/Major Boys, Minor/Major Girls, PeeWee Boys and PeeWee Girls.  If you are registering multiple children, use the ADD ATHLETE button on the Athlete Info tab.  You will be able to add all of your children and also select different programs.  If you need to try on sizes, you can head to Jones Creek Apparel and talk to Taylor or Coe.  They will be able to assist you and help you get the size you need.
***When registering, please make sure to read the first couple of screens.  When you see the work ATHLETE, that means enter your son or daughters name.  Double check that YOUR name is not listed.  If your name is listed there, there is a RED trashcan that you can delete that entry and then add your childs name.***
Just a couple of notes for the season.  We are looking for coaches as well.  On the registration, you are able to volunteer for that.  If we do not find enough coaches for teams, we run the risk of having more kids on a team which can affect playing time due to length of games.  If you have questions about coaching, please contact a WLL Board Member.
We will also be sending out a parent flyer soon with pants, socks, hats, visors and head-ties.  Each player/coach will get a shirt, hat/visor/head-tie as part of their registration.
Thanks again and we look forward to another great season of Winterset Little League!***

Winterset Little League Board
    Brian Fairholm
    Tom Acton
    Jennifer Frease
    Taylor Andrew
    Chad Hollerud
    Steve Dick
    Mike Linde