2023 WLL Major/Minor Girls Little League Registration

Sport 2023 WLL Major/Minor Girls Little League Registration
Major and Minor softball registration fee. Discount will be applied at end of registration if registering multiple players in the Major/Minor softball division. Minor players include athletes currently enrolled in 3rd and 4th grade for the 2022-23 school year. Major players include athletes currently enrolled in 5th and 6th grades for the 2022-23 school year. All requests to play up to next level are at the discretion of the WLL Board of Directors and will be handled on an individual basis.
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Program Details
Program start date: Mar 01, 2023
Program end date: Jun 18, 2023
Eligible for grade starting from: 3rd
Eligible for grade ending with: 6th
Eligibility text
Minors are athletes currently enrolled in 3rd & 4th grade, Majors are 5th & 6th grade
Registration Details
Registration status
Registration start date: Dec 16, 2022
Registration end date: Jan 31, 2023
Payment Details
Program fee payment type
One time payment
Total amount
Due date
Jan 31, 2023
Late fee
$ 0.00
Pricing for multiple players in a family
Family maximum amount
$ 300
Discount amount for each additional family player
2nd member: $16.00
3rd member: $16.00
4th member and more: $16.00
Payment mode
Only online payments are accepted
Additional convenience fee applied
The mission of Winterset Little League is to assist the youth of our community in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork, and leadership.  Sports are one of the greatest resources for our youth to learn many critical life skills.  By advocating the virtues of character, courage, and loyalty, the Winterset Little League program is designed to develop good citizens while also instilling important baseball and softball skills.

Goals and Guiding Principles

  • Create a fun, safe, and competitive environment for the youth of Winterset to play baseball.
  • Develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, character, and teamwork among the players.
  • Promote having fun through sportsmanship, competitiveness and achieving personal goals.
  • Promote the development of baseball and softball skills.
  • The Winterset Little League personnel, parents, and all participants share the responsibility of making the Winterset Little League a safe and wholesome activity.
  • Each child who wishes to play ball should be entitled to do so regardless of skill, gender, or financial circumstances.
  • Create long-term community involvement.
Documents & Waivers
WLL Consent and Waiver
I consent to my child(ren) participating in Winterset Little League. I fully understand the insurance requirements and release the Winterset Little League and the City of Winterset of liability from injury beyond the extent of the insurance. The name of your child(ren) for team rosters and/or statistics will be displayed as FIRST NAME and First Initial of LAST NAME.
By checking this box, you ackknowledge to reading the Consent/Waiver.
Parent Code of Conduct (Click to Read)
The Winterset Little League has implemented the following Parent Code of Conduct for the important message it holds about the proper role of parents in supporting their child and promoting good sportsmanship. Parents should read and understand the code prior to their children participating
By checking this box, you are acknowledge to reading the WLL Parent Code of Conduct.

All registration options are closed